Unlawful Imprisonment

Arizona Unlawful Imprisonment Laws

Unlawful or false imprisonment in Arizona is the restraint of a person without justification or consent. “Restraint” can mean physical restraint, verbal restraint, or using deceit to restrict the freedoms of another. False imprisonment scenarios include taking customers or employees hostage during another crime, and the detention of a customer by a business owner (accept when that customer is a suspected thief), among other scenarios.

Unlawful imprisonment can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. Furthermore, false imprisonment is often seen as a reduced kidnapping charge. If a defense attorney can show the court that the defendant had no intention of further harming those restrained, a kidnapping charge has the potential to be reduced to unlawful imprisonment. This is one tactic a good criminal defense attorney can use in defense of their client in applicable to the case.

Both kidnapping and false imprisonment are serious charges and should not be handled without the help of a qualified Arizona criminal defense attorney. Attorneys in these cases know the law and prepare their defense to receive the most favorable outcome for the defendant.

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