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The Naegle Law Firm does not currently handle cases involving Arizona marijuana dispensaries. Charlie Naegle does handle Arizona criminal drug charges, fighting for your rights every step of the way. The Naegle Law Firm provides aggressive representation for those charged with a criminal drug offense in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix and surrounding cities in the state of Arizona. Call 602-663-9958 to schedule a free consultation where you can discuss your legal questions with Arizona drug defense attorney Charlie Naegle.”

In November 2010, Arizonans adopted proposition 203, a law that makes it legal for approved individuals to use medical marijuana as a treatment for a number of debilitating health problems.

At the time of its passing, Prop 203 was extremely controversial and that controversy continues today with many lawsuits being filed against the proposition, including one filed by Governor Jan Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne. Because of all this controversy, there is confusion about Arizona medical marijuana law and who is allowed to have it with them or grow marijuana plants in their home.

Recently, approved Arizona medical marijuana patients have been arrested for drug possession because they had their medical marijuana with them which was then discovered by police. Even though most of the charges were dropped after it was discovered the patients were acting in accordance to the law, many Arizona medical marijuana cardholders are worried about their rights and what they should do if police officers confront them and if criminal charges are filed against them.

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At the Naegle Law Firm, we understand the Arizona medical marijuana laws and how they relate to drug possession and Arizona drug laws. If you are facing criminal charges for a suspected crime involving medical marijuana or drug possession, call 602-663-9958 immediately to consult with Arizona marijuana attorney, Charlie Naegle, about your case. In amidst the legal chaos surrounding Arizona medical marijuana law, make sure your rights are protected and that you are educated on the legal truth, not legal opinion, regarding the law.

If you are an Arizona resident in need of a medical marijuana card or if you have already obtained one, call 602-663-9958 to discuss your legal questions with Arizona drug defense attorney Charlie Naegle. During your consultation, Charlie will be able to discuss the current medical marijuana law with you as well as what to do if you are presented with any legal trouble from a number of different law enforcement agencies. Taking the steps to educate yourself on the law may prove vital in the days ahead.

If you are considering opening a medical marijuana dispensary, it is also advised to meet with an Arizona lawyer capable of defending your rights and operational procedures. Currently, the Arizona Department of Health Services is not accepting applications for medical marijuana dispensaries because of the pending lawsuits surrounding prop 203.

It is the goal of the Naegle Law Firm to protect the rights of those accused of crimes because of Arizona marijuana law and work with those businesses and individuals trying to assist approved medical marijuana users. Call 602-663-9958 to schedule your free Arizona criminal defense consultation today.

Visit our medical marijuana FAQ page for more information on current Arizona Medical Marijuana Law.

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